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Oregano, Golden

Height: ½-1’
Light: Full Sun-Light Shade
Zone: 4-8

General Culture:
Easily grown in average, dry to medium wet, well-drained soils in full sun. Does very well in gritty, sandy loams. Good heat and drought tolerance. Best to regularly shear plants back before flowering to keep the planting tidy and to induce growth of new leaves. 'Aureum' generally appreciates some light afternoon shade in hot summer climates where its golden leaves tend to scorch when grown in full sun.
Noteworthy Characteristics:
'Aureum' is a golden-leaved cultivar of common oregano. It is a sprawling, rhizomatous perennial that typically forms a foliage mat 6-12" tall and spreads by rhizomes to 18" or more. Oval, golden leaves (to 1" long) are mildly aromatic. Tiny, pinkish-purple, two-lipped flowers (typical mint family) rise above the foliage in summer in terminal or axillary spikes. Flowers are conspicuous but not of high ornamental value. Leaves are used either fresh or dried to flavor food dishes, particularly in Italian cuisine.
No serious insect or disease problems. Root rot may occur in wet poorly drained soils.
Mass in border fronts, herb gardens or rock gardens. Also effective as an edger.
$2 Per Pot