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Anemone tomentosa 'Robustissima' (Grape-leaf anemone)
Light: PartSun-Shade
Flowering Time: Late Summer-Fall

This anemone grows 24 to 32 inches tall with single, light pink flowers. It's an extremely robust and vigorous plant that is best suited to naturalizing.
Asters and mums aren’t the only perennials that brighten the late-season garden. Fall-blooming anemones also bring a refined and elegant touch of beauty to an autumn landscape when delicately beautiful flowers burst open atop the plant’s willowy stems. The white and pink blossoms illuminate the shade garden, especially at dusk.
Although the plants may take a year or two to become established, fall-blooming anemones form a handsome 24-inch-tall ground cover that can spread quickly when planted in the right place. They flourish in light to partial shade in moist, humus-rich soil but will tolerate full sun as long as there is sufficient moisture. Locations receiving morning sun rather than the hot afternoon sun are best, Water-saturated soil, especially in the winter, may lead to the death of the plant and should be avoided These perennials don’t require deadheading to prolong flowering, but cutting out spent flowers can keep plants looking tidier, although you will sacrifice the attractive seed heads. Once hit by a good, hard frost, the foliage blackens and becomes unsightly, so many gardeners often remove it in late fall. If the darkened foliage doesn’t bother you, however, leave it as winter protection.
$5 per Pot