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Allium christophii

Allium christophii
perennial bulb
Light:Full Sun-Part Shade
Flowering Time: Spring

Magnificent, spherical heads composed of glossy amethystine violet stars
each with a metallic sheen. Allium christophii is the most flamboyant
member of this enormous family of plants.christophii has spherical flower-heads
which contain up to 80 star shaped flowers with slightly flattened petals
that emphasise the perfect ball shape. As these fade, they resemble brown
stars, and the complete stem will last for many weeks as part of a dried
flower arrangement.
Sometimes called the 'Star of Persia,' it is a native of Turkey and Iran
and loves a warm sunny site where it will tolerate competition from tree
and hedge roots. Alliums look best planted between medium-sized
plants, which help to mask the strap-like leaves, which fade by the time the flowers appear.
Fully frost hardy, they are able to withstand temperature down to -25F
The plants can be allowed to self-seed to make impressive clumps They flower
in May-June so are ideal to add colour after the tulips and daffodils
have flowered and before many of the summer flowering bulbs are flowering.
$2.50 Bulb