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Carex Evergold

Carex Evergold
Perennial Grass
Height: 16"
Light: Sun-Part Shade

This Japanese selection forms a low cascading clump of leathery green leaves,
with a bright creamy-yellow stripe down the centre. Brownish flowers are
insignificant. A choice plant for edging, or in the rock garden. This is
a well-behaved, non-spreading plant. Clumps may be divided in early spring.
This evergreen sedge grows best in full sun or light,open,shade. In sunny
locations provide regular summer watering, in shade it can tolerate drying
out and only needs occasional watering. It will grow well in well-drained
to moist soils and will tolerate sandy or clay locations. If the plant
looks tattered cut back hard in late winter to allow fresh new growth to
fill in.
$5 pot