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Vitex negundo
Light:Full Sun
Flowering Time: Late Summer-Fall
Zone 5

Among the very best of honey plants, blooming profusely from midsummer until frost. Normally attains a height of 3-4' but in our area stems are often winter-killed while roots survive to bear lavender-blue blossoms annually. Used for headache, dizziness, coughs and mental unrest.
Chaste tree is a southern favorite beginning to gain favour across the country. Whether left to grow as a large, multistemmed shrub or cut back annually for a more compact look, this selection is a winner. Fine, lacy leaves are glossy and green. Bright blue flower panicles begin to form in early summer and continue through the heat of the season and into fall. This is a reasonably cold-hardy, deer-resistant woody plant, and while V. agnus-castus is typically considered a Zone 7 plant, the variety negrundo can be grown in Zone 6 and even in southern areas of Zone 5.
These plants are happiest in full sun and well-drained soil.