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Light:Light Shade or Morning Sun
Flowering Time:Summer

Bold, colourful, and dramatic, ligularias never fail to impress with their large, ornamental leaves and bright yellow or orange blooms. Although not suited to hot, dry, open gardens, these magnificent summer-blooming perennials are undemanding and generally pest-free when properly located.

Ligularias prefer fertile soil high in organic matter. While some gardeners claim that ligularias grow well in full sun provided the soil is kept moist, adequate watering is not usually enough to keep the large leaves from flagging when exposed to the full heat of the afternoon sun. Although the wilted leaves quickly recover once the sun has passed, try planting them in dappled or light shade to avoid the problem. A layer of deep organic mulch around the plant will help keep the roots cool, conserve moisture, and add nutrients to the soil.

Plants that thrive in moist soil and light shade are good companions for ligularia, particularly those with delicate or airy foliage and blooms that contrast with the large, solid-looking leaves. Astilbe, Thalictrum , ferns, Tradascantia ,Filipendula and goose-necked lysimachia will all work well.
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