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Mirabilis jalapa 'Limelight'/Four O'Clocks

Mirabilis jalapa 'Limelight'/Four O'Clocks
Light:Full Sun
Flowering Time:Summer

Talk about hot tropical colour! This fuchsia-flowered, lime-green-leafed Four o'Clock is as bright and attractive With a sweet fragrance, masses of blooms, and a long season of colour.Like all Four o'Clocks, the blooms on Limelight don't open until late afternoon. They're pollinated at night, so they remain wide open and beautiful all evening and night, really standing out in the long, late-evening twilights of summer. Sweetly scented and very attractive.Best of all, Limelight is super-easy to grow. Space about 2½ feet apart in full sun and any well-drained soil. Heat- and drought-tolerant, the plants bloom all summer! As they grow, Four o'Clock plants form a tuber (like Dahlias from seed do) that you can dig up in fall and replant next spring if you live north of Limelight's zone 8-11 hardiness range.