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Sweet Pea/Streamer Mix

Sweet Pea/Streamer Mix
Annual Vine
Flowering Time:Late Spring-Summer

This is a trailing Sweet Pea reaching 5 to 6 feet high. If you've got a trellis, chain-link fence, porous wall, or absolutely anything else that will hold a lightweight vine, you're in luck, for Streamer will transform it from mid-spring right into summer. It begins early and finishes late -- in other words, there's just nothing less than first-rate about this Sweet Pea!
Streamer is the most exciting thing to come along in the Sweet Pea family in years Not only are these flowers BIGGER, but they're streaked with white for a showy look, they arise 4 per stem, make great cuts, and have a heavenly fragrance! I think we should call them Sweetest Pea
Streamer is just magnificent, each flower about 2 inches across (that's gigantic by Sweet Pea standards) and boldly streaked with white. This mix has chocolate, orange, blue, pink, purple, and scarlet -- all the unusual, eye-catching Sweet Pea shades we love.
$2 pot