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Bamboo/Fargesia nitida

Bamboo/Fargesia nitida
Light:Shade-Part Sun

Fargesia nitida or otherwise known as Blue Fountain Bamboo is an outstanding ornamental non-invasive bamboo with outward arching slender branches and dark purplish canes.This bamboo in it's native high mountain habitat grows at elevations over 8,000 feet and is extremely cold hardy. The rich green leaves are delicate, and very attractive. Fargesia nitida is a thin bamboo with a very vertical visual pattern. The foliage seems to float around the whip-like culms. A dainty and graceful bamboo that is perfect for the shady area of the garden and a wonderful companion plant to rhododendrons, azalias, hostas and ferns. The overall bamboo is vase shaped, gently arching over at the top from the mass of foliage. It makes an excellent thick hedge or screen. Fargesia nitida prefers rich well drained soil and partial to full shade to perform its best. Like most Fargesias, some protection from the hot afternoon sun is advisable but not required.
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