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Oriental Poppy/Pinks&Whites

Oriental Poppy/Pinks&Whites
Height: 2-3'
Flowering Time:Early Summer

Oriental poppies,are exotic little flowers of Turkish origins. The bloom of this plant have papery thin petals and feel like silk to the touch. They generally bloom at the beginning of summer with some variation. Scarlet, pink, purple, apricot and white are just a few of the colours this plant comes in depending on the species grown and most grow between two and three feet high.
The oriental poppy will grow in any open, sunshiny position in a good, deep loamy soil. They are of easiest culture and require very little care. During the dry spells in the early season, they should be watered occasionally, but after they have finished blooming and the leaves begin to die down, they should be let alone for the roots seem to enjoy a thorough baking during the hottest months. When the rains begin coming in September, the roots will show signs of growth; then the plants can be safely transplanted. The oriental poppy should be mulched in the Wintertime. This mulch does not have to be removed in the Spring for the leaves soon cover it. After the plants are once satisfactorily situated they should be allowed to remain undisturbed for a number of years.
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