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Hibiscus 'Southern Belle' mix

Hibiscus 'Southern Belle' mix
Height: 4'
Light: Sun-Part shade
Flowering Time:Summer-Fall
Zone 5

4-foot plants sport massive flowers of red, pink, and white in this trouble-free mix! These gigantic flowers are scarcely to be believed, opening up all over compact, bushy 4-foot plants the first year from sowing! They are fully 10 1/2 inches across, with a wide-open shape that maximizes their vivid color.
Arising in clean white, deep pink, and true red, these blooms all have a bright red ring at the base of the petals and a prominent spike of butter-yellow. The size of dinner plates, they are held up and out from the mid-green foliage. Hibiscus performs well in heat and humidity, and full to part sun.Tolerates some light shade, but full sun with good air circulation produces best flowers, strongest stems and the best environment for resisting potential diseases. Site in locations protected from wind to minimize risk of wind burn. Deadhead individual flowers to maintain plant appearance. Cut back stems to approximately 3-4" in late autumn. New growth shoots are slow to emerge in spring. However, once new growth begins, it proceeds quite rapidly and plants will benefit from regular fertilization during the growing season.
$3 pot