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Rosa Tuscany Superb

Rosa- Tuscany Superb
Rose Shrub
Height: 3-4’
Light: Full Sun
Flowering Time: June-July
Zone: 4
Bred in England and introduced in 1837, "Tuscany Superb" is a descendent of the original "Tuscany" a gallica that dates from 1596. It has disease-resistant foliage and larger, more numerous flowers with stronger fragrance and velvety-crimson colour than the original "Tuscany". It is well behaved in the garden but does spread by suckers which you can leave if you want your rose to expand or they can be easily dug up. It blooms profusely in late June through July. Incredibly fragrant and beautiful! Plant in rich soil full of manure or compost. For the healthiest roses add ½ cup each of bone meal, blood meal and epsom salts at planting time. Topdress with manure and the same mixture every spring.
$5 pot