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Guara Summer Breeze

Guara Summer Breeze
Height: 3-4’
Light: Sun-Part Shade
Flowering Time: Mid Summer-Fall
Guara is a phenomenal perennial, producing waves of delicate, butterfly-like flowers from July through October. The long flower spikes provide a marvelous background for lower-growing flowers. Deep rooted, does best on rich soil. Tolerant of drought and alkaline soils. Tap rooted, does not transplant well once established. This selection is more winter hardy and has a more upright sturdy habit than other selections. Plants grow 50 inches tall by the third year, 24-30 inches the first year. The flowers are pure white with pink stamen filaments, before the flowers open they are enclosed in pink tinted buds. This selection produces plants that are heavy bloomers.
$4 per pot