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HELIOPSIS Loraine Sunshine

HELIOPSIS Loraine Sunshine : Variegated

Height: 24-36”
Light: Full Sun-Part Shade
Flowering Time: Mid Summer-Frost
Zone: 4-9

This perennial possitively beams in the garden. It is a reliable,no fuss plant not prone to diseases or pests. With a little deadheading it will bloom right up until frost. The variegation on this Heliopsis is very unique. Solid white leaves have dark green veins. The bright yellow blooms are the same as the species along with the same long blooming period. Plant in average soil . Variagated Heliopsis makes a perfect focal point in a perennial bed and is also very effective when massed or with evergreens and shrubs. It attracts butterflies. Divide every 4-5 years.
$4 per pot