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Geranium Cranesbill

Geranium Cranesbill-macrorrhizum big root
Height: 12-20"
Light: Full Sun-Full Shade
Flowering Time: Late Spring,
Zone: 4

Hardy Cranesbill Geraniums should not be confused with the orange, pink, white or red-flowered tender annuals that gardeners everywhere know as Geraniums, more correctly called Pelargonium. Hardy Cranesbill Geraniums come back year after year outdoors. Cranesbill likes average to moist, well-drained soil but can do well in poorer soils as well.It is one of the few perennials than does well in dry shade, under trees.In hot, humid summer regions some protection from afternoon sun is advised.
Excellent in the front to middle of a perennial or mixed border in small to medium sized groupings but also good for large massed plantings as a groundcover. it useful for spilling from containers, window boxes or raised planters. Why look at bare soil when Cranesbill can provide the perfect touch!
$5 per pot