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PHYTOLACCA insularis

PHYTOLACCA insularis
Perennial shrub
Height 8'
Light Full Sun Part Shade
Zone 5

Rare Korean endemic, a large plant to over 8 feet tall, with reddish stems. The leaves contain an anti-viral protein. Listed as endangered by the Korean government.Phytolacca is a large herbaceous perennial, bearing spikes of white flowers in summer, followed by striking berries which are green at first, becoming cerise, then almost black as they age. A mature plant is very large, growing to around 3 feet wide by 8 feet high, so you need plenty of room to grow it! The berries are very attractive when used in flower arrangements, but care should be exercised when using them as they are poisonous, and the sap can stain.
Needs almost no care once established, dies back to the ground in the winter and pops up in the late spring.
$ 6 pot