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Kniphofia/Torch Lily

Royal Castle Hyb.

Height: 3'
Light: Full Sun
Flowering: Late Summer
Zone: 5

Big, bold and beautiful, torch lilies are hard to miss in any garden. With their majestic spires of densely packed tubular flowers soaring to heights of 4’, they create enormous impact with very little effort. Their fiery colours include red, orange and yellow. The nectar rich blooms are attractive to birds and they also make a long lasting cut flower. Use torch lilies to add sizzle to a mixed border, as a bold feature or in mass planting. Plant in well drained soil in full sun. To keep plants neat looking, cut flower stalks to the ground after blooms fade. The plants benefit from winter protection. Try tying up leaves over crown in fall or hilling up with soil or compost. The plants resent being disturbed but if they outgrow their space they can be divided in the spring.
$5 per pot