Four Day Spring Plant Sale

Friday & Saturday -
May 28th & 29th
9 am to 5 pm
Friday & Saturday - June 4th & 5th
9 am to 5 pm

COVID19 Operating Policy

Our plants are happy and healthy, & we want you to be too!


The Basics
We will supply hand sanitizer on request.
Social distancing will be maintained. Face Masks are encouraged, we will wear ours if you wish.
Cash and Cheques are accepted, as well as pre-payment via e-transfer. Sorry, no Credit Cards
No Sunday Sales


Contactless Pick-Up (Optional)

If you want, we will assemble your order, let you know what your total is and make arrangements for when you would like to pick it up. You can pay on arrival, or you can pay ahead via e-transfer if you wish. Have a look through our plant catalogue and email us your order.

Appointments Available
We can also book one hour time slots for folks that want to look around, and pick out just the right plants. We will be limiting the number of people on the property at one time to maintain social distancing. Please let us know the number of people in your group (number of kids as well please.)


Open By Chance
The operative word here is chance, if too many people show up at once, some people will need to wait. Your safety is as important to us as our own.

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We need your pots! Please drop them off, day or night,
and we will recycle/reuse them - Thanks!!




All of our plants are inoculated with MYKE (mycorrhizal fungi) and fed with EM (essential micronutrients) and sea minerals.
The MYKE colonized the plants root system, creating a network that increases the plants capacity to absorb more water & nutrients. This process aids in rapid development of roots and overall plant health.
Plants grown with Sea Mineral fertilizer are far more pest/stress resistant. SM contains over 80 minerals and active organic substances.
EM is a liquid of important beneficial micro-organisms that are known to work co-operatively to provide tremendous benefits for soil and plants. EM helps in overall plant and soil health and in nutrient uptake.

You can contact me by email  or you can leave a phone message at 519-638-3951

19 Robb Street, Moorefield, ON


 You Are Cordially Invited...

Make an appointment, c
ome over and enjoy a walk about and we'll talk about gardening (from about six feet away) ...

Bring your gardening questions with you, we're happy to help you select the plants that will do well in your own garden.

Every plant for sale is well labeled and helpful planting and care instructions are included.

 Lots of healthy, well-cared-for plants to choose from...


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  Hope To See You Soon!
Sandra Duncan 638-3951
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